What is Uni Shutou?

Exclusive product of Los Angeles “Uni Shutou”

Delicate Sea Urchin from Santa Barbara is brought in our refrigerated truck from Santa Barbara to LA. The Sea Urchin is cracked and the roe is delicately removed. We take the freshest of roe and marinate in kelp seasoning soy sauce. This will add the “umami” flavor and blends in perfect harmony with the sea urchin. The sea urchin is wild-caught from the kelp enriched depth of the Pacific Ocean.

One of the most popular souvenir / gifts from Los Angeles

“Uni Shutou” is Maruhide’s original product. Because it’s not sold in Japan, it has become popular among people in the USA as well as travelers from abroad. It is a great souvenir and gift. We can ship anywhere within the USA as well as Japan. A message can be added as well for the recipient.

Red sea urchins from Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Harbor is the landing port for these wild-caught Red sea urchins. Contracted boats return with a bountiful load of live red sea urchins. Live urchins are loaded quickly onto Maruhide’s company refrigerated truck, then is driven south to Long Beach to be shucked and cleaned first thing in the morning.

Santa Barbara, California

The Pier at Santa Barbara is well known for the many types of seafood that hard working divers bring in every day. Santa Barbara is a well-known production area of sea urchin as well. Boats return from the Channel Islands to the port of Santa Barbara to be greeted by Maruhide’s staff and refrigerated trucks. Products from this area has been shipped domestically and globally for the last 40 years.

Big, Sweet Red sea urchin

The red sea urchin produced in Santa Barbara is a different species of the famous Bafun uni in Japan. Historically, Bafun Uni, has been the uni to where the standards were set. With the popularity of Sea urchin throughout the world, Red Sea Urchin is now, respectfully, one of the most sought after species of Sea Urchin. With a larger size than the Bafun uni, the sweet and fruity roe has turned many into “Uni” addicts.

Uni Shuto in Media and Catalogs

Thanks to our extreme fan-base, Uni-shutou has now been introduced within the Japanese-TV network, newspapers, and magazines. We are extremely excited and gracious to be considered as one of Los Angeles exclusive gift.

From Celebrities to First Class!

Used by Celebrity chefs as an hors de vous and topping of choice, Uni Shutou has gained popularity for its taste and its many versatile uses. Well known restaurants will serve as an appetizer dish or even as a sushi nigiri.

Carpaccio of Uni Shuto and the Octopus

Nigiri and Gunkanmaki of Uni Shuto

Currently served in the first class cabin for Japan Airlines.

Menu of the in-flight meal of JAL First Class via Japan



I had Uni Shutou delivered to my younger sister in Japan.  She was very pleased with Fresh Sea Urchin in Salt Water and said it was very exquisite taste.  I’ve never regret to take Uni Shutou to Japan as a souvenir!


I prepared Christmas dish using additive free Fresh Sea Urchin in Salt Water and it was a hit!  I will definitely order again.  Uni Shutou I sent to Japan was also very pleased by my friends.  I look forward to having them next order soon.


Thank you the other day.
Sea Urchin was very sweet and they smoothly melted in our mouth.  Eating delicious fresh sea urchin is our utmost extravagance.  All our family members agree that we choose to have more sea urchin than having more regular meals.  It was truly a high-end sushi restaurant quality.


I always have had a hard time to select gifts to friends in Japan.  But now I’m confident that there’s no better gift than Maruhide UNI SHUTOU from Los Angels!

Delivered direct from our headquarters to your front door!

Deliver next day for USA, three days to Japan!

Carefully packed by our staff here at Maruhide, packages will be delivered next day within the US, and within 4 days to Japan. Packed in Styrofoam boxes with enough gel-ice to arrive at your front door. For Japan shipments, once the package arrives in Japan, it will be kept in a refrigerated containment and delivered to your house via Yu-Pack refrigerated service.

Uni Shutou

You can enjoy five flavors.

Mini Uni Shutou 5 Flavors
  • Original・・・Freshly caught whole uni is marinated in Kombu-shoyu overnight
  • with Yuzu & Chili・・・Lightly added refreshing yuzu (citrus) flavor
  • with Squid・・・High-quality sashimi squid added to original flavor
  • with Chili・・・Lightly added chili to the Original
  • with Olive oil・・・Added olive oil to the original, creating mild flavor