Updated uni harvest information.

Hello Maruhide Uni Fans!
Sep. 15, 2020, this morning’s uni was all sold out in the morning but we will have another uni harvest on Wed., Thur. and Friday! Thanks for the nice weather and our hard working divers!
Please watch the uni stock updates. Looking forward to seeing your orders!


Maruhide’s original flavor. Freshly caught whole uni is marinated in Kombu-shoyu overnight. 65g/2.3oz Frozen


High-quality sashimi squid added to the Uni Shutou Original. 65g/2.3oz Frozen


Lightly added refreshing yuzu (citrus) flavor to the Uni Shutou original. 65g/2.3oz Frozen


Lightly added chili to the Original, giving it a pungent spicy flavor. 65g/2.3oz Frozen


Added olive oil to the original, creating mild flavor. 65g/2.3oz Frozen




Maruhide's popular item, delicious Uni Shutou from Los Angeles comes in convenient economy size. Original flavor.  Original 120g/4.2oz Frozen




Slice like sashimi, and served with soy sauce and wasabi. 1 PACK 70g/2.4oz Frozen


Added salmon roe and marinated in kombu-shoyu (kelp base soy sauce) to enrich the umami-flavor.   110g/3.92oz  Frozen



Uni Miso Ika Zuke


Sea Urchin paste made with California Red Sea Urchin. No preservatives added. -New Item- 120g/4.2oz Frozen


Uni Shutou Melty


Fresh whole pieces of uni have been well marinated with special kelp seasoning soy sauce. New Product 65g/2.3oz. Frozen


No preservative added. Keep frozen, thaw and serve.  Net: 100ml / 3.38 fl.oz

Out of stock

Net Wt: 100g/3.52oz Refrigerated

30 left in stock $33.00

1 PACK 100g/3.5oz. Refrigerated

39 left in stock $30.00

Net Wt:100g/3.5oz Refrigerated

Out of stock

* Net Wt: Apprx. 250g/8.8oz 1 Large Tray Refrigerated

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Sampler Set

2 left in stock $188.50 $169.65

Uni Lover's dream gift set. Set includes Uni Shutou 5 flavors, Uni Shutou-Ruibe, Premium Fresh Uni in Metal Tray and Fresh Uni in Salt Water, 1 each.

Sale 10%OFF
$95.00 $85.50

Maruhide's popular item, delicious UNI SHUTOU from Los Angeles comes in an assortment gift set. Set includes Uni Shutou regular size - Original, With Squid, With Yuzu & Chili, With Chili & In Olive Oil 1 each.


Maruhide's popular item, delicious Uni Shutou from Los Angeles, is newly released as a Mini Uni Shutou 5 flavor set. Net WT: 1 oz. x 5

Sale 10%OFF
$144.00 $129.60

3 boxes of Mini 5-flavor set of Maruhide's popular item, delicious "Uni Shutou" from Los Angeles, are added to our value gift set. Net WT: (1 oz. x 5pcs) x 3

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Proud to share our spirits with Maruhide Uni Lovers. Hooded sweatshirt with Maruhide logo is now added to our line.