Maruhide’s original flavor. Freshly caught whole uni is marinated in Kombu-shoyu overnight. 65g/2.3oz Frozen


High-quality sashimi squid added to the Uni Shutou Original. 65g/2.3oz Frozen


Lightly added refreshing yuzu (citrus) flavor to the Uni Shutou original. 65g/2.3oz Frozen


Lightly added chili to the Original, giving it a pungent spicy flavor. 65g/2.3oz Frozen


Added olive oil to the original, creating mild flavor. 65g/2.3oz Frozen




Maruhide's popular item, delicious Uni Shutou from Los Angeles comes in convenient economy size. Original flavor.  Original 120g/4.2oz Frozen




Slice like sashimi, and served with soy sauce and wasabi. 1 PACK 70g/2.4oz Frozen


Added salmon roe and marinated in kombu-shoyu (kelp base soy sauce) to enrich the umami-flavor.   110g/3.92oz  Frozen



Uni Miso Ika Zuke


Sea Urchin paste made with California Red Sea Urchin. No preservatives added. -New Item- 120g/4.2oz Frozen


Uni Shutou Melty


Fresh whole pieces of uni have been well marinated with special kelp seasoning soy sauce. New Product 65g/2.3oz. Frozen


No preservative added. Keep frozen, thaw and serve.  Net: 100ml / 3.38 fl.oz

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Net Wt increased to 110g/3.88oz Refrigerated

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1 PACK 100g/3.5oz. Refrigerated

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Net Wt:100g/3.5oz Refrigerated

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* Net Wt: Apprx. 250g/8.8oz 1 Large Tray Refrigerated

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Sampler Set

2 left in stock $188.50 $169.65

Uni Lover's dream gift set. Set includes Uni Shutou 5 flavors, Uni Shutou-Ruibe, Premium Fresh Uni in Metal Tray and Fresh Uni in Salt Water, 1 each.

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$95.00 $85.50

Maruhide's popular item, delicious UNI SHUTOU from Los Angeles comes in an assortment gift set. Set includes Uni Shutou regular size - Original, With Squid, With Yuzu & Chili, With Chili & In Olive Oil 1 each.


Maruhide's popular item, delicious Uni Shutou from Los Angeles, is newly released as a Mini Uni Shutou 5 flavor set. Net WT: 1 oz. x 5

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$144.00 $129.60

3 boxes of Mini 5-flavor set of Maruhide's popular item, delicious "Uni Shutou" from Los Angeles, are added to our value gift set. Net WT: (1 oz. x 5pcs) x 3

Clothing & Merch

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Proud to share our spirits with Maruhide Uni Lovers. Hooded sweatshirt with Maruhide logo is now added to our line.