What kind of sea urchins (Uni) are used in Maruhide products?

Sea urchins (Uni) we use are Red Sea Urchins, so called Aka-Uni in Japanese. Red Sea Urchins (Uni) that are caught in North America are large in size and very sweet compared to Japanese Bafun Uni. Red sea urchin’s roe has a tasteless impression due to its larger size, but is actually sweeter than the popular Bafun Uni.

Where are those sea urchins caught?

They are caught along the Channel Island off the Santa Barbara in California.

What are the differences between Tokusen/Premium sea urchins in metal tray and ensui pack?

Maruhide Tokusen Premium sea urchins are the highest quality sea urchins carefully selected, packed and used in high-end sushi restaurants. We pack best and suitable uni for metal tray which are soft yet steady enough to withstand transportations so that we can ship to anywhere. Ensui uni goes from the cleaning process straight into salt water. The salt water is the same salinity as the ocean. Because of this, the uni you will taste is the same as uni that you would taste if you were to crack one for yourself at the shore.

How long is the guaranteed date?

Uni Shutou is good for about 10 days in refrigerator, and about 3 months in freezer. As soon as you received the fresh uni, keep it refrigerated and serve as soon as possible.  Fresh uni best by date is 1 week from ship date.

Can I keep fresh uni in freezer?

No. Once uni is frozen and thawed, flesh uni might be mushy.Therefore, we don’t recommend to freeze fresh uni.


Can I order uni any time?

Yes, you can order uni anytime of the year. But harvest of uni is much influenced by the weather. In case of bad weather, we may experience shortage of uni. In that time, we may delay the ship-out date.

How can I pay?

When you order in our online shop, you will be asked to pay by credit card. We accept Visa, Master, American Express, Discover, JCB card. You don’t want shop online, but pay by check or money order, please send with order form downloaded from our website. As soon as we received your order form and payment, we will ship accordingly.

Do I have to pay sales tax for my purchase?

No. We don’t charge sales tax.

Can I attach a personalized note to my gift?

Yes, you can attach a personalized note to any package you order for your gift. Just order. After you specify the address information at check out, you will have a chance to type in the text of your message in the comments field.


How soon will my order be delivered?

Shipment to USA: Next day delivery by FedEx Standard Overnight.
Even though we ship by FedEx Standard Overnight to arrive next day, there may be unusual circumstances such as plane mechanical failure, severe weather, natural disaster, etc. which may result in out of our control delivery delays. Furthermore, due to operational challenges related to COVID-19, FedEx doesn’t guarantee the delivery by4pm next day anymore.
We pack our products in insulated packaging with ice packs to withstand a couple of days delivery delay in transit. Ice packs would not arrive solidly frozen, but you can re-freeze frozen products. Please refrigerate fresh uni as soon as you received the package and serve while it’s fresh.

Shipment to Japan: For mainland of Japan, 4 days to be delivered to the recipient from ship out day in USA and for other part of Japan, 5 days. There may be a several days of delay in case of arising delays in flight or custom clearance.

What is a order cut off time to be delivered on next day?

Order cut off time to be delivered on next day by FedEx is 8 am PST.

Can I assign the delivery date or time?

In case of shipment within USA, you can assign a ship date but not time. For Saturday delivery, there’ll be extra $18 to be charged. For shipment to Japan, delivery date won’t be guaranteed, but delivery time can be ordered.

How much is the shipping charge?

You can ship up to 8 items (excludes cooler bag) with flat rate of $46 to Japan. Within US, California is $35, 48 contiguous states except CA is $45. Hawaii & Alaska are $60.
See shipping info

How much is shipping charge to send a gift set?

Please count the items in the gift set. You can add any quantities you wish to purchase within 8 items with a flat rate. eg. Sampler set counts as 8. charges.

How much is the shipping charge if I ship more than 8 items?

S&H charges over 9 items, $2.50 for additional every item to Japan, $2.00 for 1 additional item to US will be applied.

Can I find shipping charge before I purchase?

You can check the shipping charge by adding an item into the shopping cart, selecting country and entering zip code.

Do I have to pay duties when I ship to Japan?

Merchandise over ¥16,600 will be applicable for 10% duties and taxes when importing into Japan. You’d see duties and taxes in dollars when you check out if it’s applicable. Designated foreign currency exchange rate may vary monthly.

Can I track the package?

Yes, you can track a package. Check Order Status to track your order.
For shipment to Japan, package tracking link will be e-mailed once shipment has been arranged.
For USA domestic shipment, Fedex tracking# will be emailed once the shipment has been arranged. You can track the package from or call Fedex customer support toll free# 1-800-463-3339 to check the delivery status.

Do they require recipient’s signature?

No. Maruhide Marine Products does not request a recipient’s receipt signature. In case the recipient is not at home at the time of delivery, Fedex truck driver will leave the package in front of the door of a house, unless otherwise the situation and circumstances are not inadequate.
If the recipient lives in an apartment or condominium which doesn’t have a front office where package is held, Fedex truck driver will take the package back to the station. In that case, the recipient has to go the nearest Fedex station to pick it up or has to request same day re-delivery by calling Fedex customer service# 1-800-463-3339. If you prefer to ask a recipient’s receipt signature, please call us #562-435-6509 or inform us by email (