Shop for fresh sea urchin, delicious Uni Shutou from Los Angeles. Using fresh whole pieces of sea urchin from Santa Barbara.


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A5 Makotogyu


Makotogyu wagyu comes from one of the smallest farms in Japan with only 1-3 cattle a month for global consumption. The highest marble score beef can achieve is 12 and less than 5% of all A5 wagyu receive BMS 12. Master wagyu farmer Makoto San is famed for producing consistently high BMS 11 and 12 wagyu - a rare gem in the industry.

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Indulge yourself in decadence with the finest Uni-Gyu set.  The set comes with our 5 pocket premium Grade A Uni and certified A5 Japanese Wagyu from one of the rarest farms in Japan - Makotogyu. Easily create a delicious Uni-Gyu donburi bowl, nigiri, or sushi night at home. The highest quality of A5 Wagyu possible, beef marble score 12, is world-famous for the melt in your mouth experience. *Applied flat rate S&H - counts as 2 items

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Net Wt:100g/3.5oz Refrigerated


Wild caught salmon roe from Japan marinated with delicious soy sauce. Packed with umami, bold flavors, and a beautiful red color. 120g/4.2oz Frozen




Maruhide's popular item, delicious Uni Shutou from Los Angeles comes in convenient economy size. Original flavor.  Original 120g/4.2oz Frozen


Maruhide’s original flavor. Freshly caught whole uni is marinated in Kombu-shoyu overnight. 65g/2.3oz Frozen



Uni Miso Ika Zuke

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Sea Urchin paste made with California Red Sea Urchin and Mongo squid. No preservatives added. -New Item- 120g/4.2oz Frozen

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Maruhide's popular item, delicious UNI SHUTOU from Los Angeles comes in an assortment gift set. Set includes Uni Shutou regular size - Original, With Squid, With Yuzu & Chili, With Chili & In Olive Oil 1 each.


No preservative added. Keep frozen, thaw and serve.  Net: 100ml / 3.38 fl.oz


Uni Shutou Melty


Fresh whole pieces of uni have been well marinated with special kelp seasoning soy sauce. New Product 65g/2.3oz. Frozen




Slice like sashimi, and served with soy sauce and wasabi. 1 PACK 70g/2.4oz Frozen

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* Net Wt: Apprx. 250g/8.8oz 1 Large Tray Refrigerated


Maruhide original cooler bag with logo. Size: 12"x8"x7"(WxDxH)

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Sampler Set

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Uni Lover's dream gift set. Set includes Uni Shutou 5 flavors, Uni Shutou-Ruibe, Premium Fresh Uni in Metal Tray and Fresh Uni in Salt Water, 1 each.

Uni Shutou

100% fresh whole pieces of sea urchin using only fresh uni from Santa Barbara. “Uni Shutou” is Maruhide’s original product and we marinate them in kelp base soy sauce to enrich its umami-flavor and packed in a jar. Experience a whole new delicious taste.
What is Uni Shutou?
Uni Shutou Original
Uni Shutou Original
Mini Uni Shutou 5 Flavors

Premium Fresh Uni

Wild red sea urchin caught off the waters of Santa Barbara is typically larger in size yet sweeter than that of the popular, Bafun Uni in Japan.
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Located on the Pacific Coast and north of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara is a major production area blessed with high quality wild red sea urchin. Once sea urchin is unloaded at the Santa Barbara port, immediately moved to the factory in Long Beach and processed on the same day.

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